About us


Rejoose seeks to provide the world with sustainability information regarding IT to make environmental consciousness the number one decision making parameter.


We achieve growth by being market leaders at our field, and by constant innovation and optimization of our routines and methods.

We work to uphold a dynamic work environment where people create and develop from our know-how and market signals.

We constantly adapt our organization in a way to maximize positive dynamics and creativity and create a positive work environment.


We strive to stay ahead of competition by pursuing the best of opportunities. By being dynamic and flexible makes us unique in the market and makes it possible for us to meet our costumers needs quickly.


We constantly invest in improvements to our products quality. We seek to achieve the highest level efficiency in all of our work processes.


We build long lasting relationships to our employees, stake holders and partners. We recognize our employees and partners values and competences.


We think of diversity and inclusion as an positive asset. We constantly work to promote diversity in all forms and shapes.


We don’t believe in success without respect for our planet and environment. We are responsible for the community in which we work and live. It is our responsibility to take care of our property and at the same time protect the environment and natural resources.

Rejoose and EU Code of Conduct on Data Center Energy Efficiency

The Data Center business of the world is estimated to account for approximately 20% of the worlds aggregated energy consumption, also making it one of the worlds potential causes for an increasing Co2-emission.In order to counteract this scenario, EU has established a Technical Work group with the purpose of establishing guidelines and best practices regarding Data Center Energy Efficiency. Due to the extensive know how Rejoose has accumulated through more than 2000 energy efficiency projects at Danish enterprises companies we were invited to take a set at the table at the EU Research Center in Milan. We have proudly accepted the invitation and have a contributing partner to the ongoing work ever since.It is our goal to bring aspects and knowledge from our international engagements to the ongoing development of our software to ensure consistency and common references for users all over the world. Over time our software will support demands from the EU on how users of ITC equipment are obliged to comply with laws and standards as the align with the EU Code of Conduct.

Rejoose and DaCOto

Rejoose Is a part of a task force under the name of DaCOto. DaCOto is short for “Data and CO2”and is led by DTU (Technical University of Denmark). Project participants consists of the following institutions and companies:

  • DTU-Technical University of Denmark
  • Telia Company
  • DigiPlex
  • KMD
  • DI -Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Danish IT Industry Association

The scope of our work in DaCOto is to establish a common ground on which to measure and estimate energy consumption and efficiency in digital services. Thereby creating future guidelines on how to create valid and comparable methods, standard sand calculation models for CO2 emissions and energy efficiency in the ITC services.From having worked with Enterprise customers on energy optimization projects in the ITC sector for the last decade, Rejoose has an unmatched amount of practical experience and know-how to offer the work group.

It is our goal to ensure that internationally accepted standards are brought into account, and that stakeholders such as the EU, ASHRAE, EnergyStar, The Green Grid and others are heard and learned from in the ongoing work of DaCOto.

Rejoose and The United Nations

Rejoose have been invited by InfinIT to participate in the Keynote of the 2020 SummIT conference to speak on The UN Sustainable Development Goals.

InfinIT is an innovation network with the purpose of helping Danish companies and organizations achieve results with digital innovation and new technology. Their purpose is to provide a meeting point for Denmark’s most competent specialists in digitization and data driven business development.

IT and digitalization are going to play crucial roles in the sustainable conversion of sociality. Join us at this year’s SummIT and let us inspire you on how you can create value on behalf of sociality, people and business via the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the government’s goal to reduce CO2 emission by 70%.

Join us via this link:

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Best Energy and Environmental documentation Software

At Rejoose we are proud to have been awarded “Best Energy and Environmental documentation Software” by CV Magazine!

The press wrote:

Rejoose (Europe) | Best Energy and Environmental documentation Software – A SaaS (software as Service) firm that focuses on reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption of large-scale IT installations. In EU, the growing IT sector is expected to consume nearly 20% of the total energy production by 2030. Rejoose provides state-of-art energy reporting and monitoring tools to calculate “savings on lighting, cooling, UPS and other IT systems”.

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