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Add/request a device

  • Always start with searching for the device with a few different possibilities, like model no. DL380 G10 or the correct way ex. DL380 Gen10.
  • If you’re missing a device, you can of easily add the device – Click + icon, choose a category and fill out the details.
  • All standard devices will be validated by the Rejoose Support team. Special devices which are “customer-specific” won’t be validated unless there’s made specific arrangements to do so (contact Rejoose support).
  • If you wish to get your device validated by our team, simply check the ‘Request validation’ box. Note, the device and the current status in relation to your validation will show in your device list (see chapter ‘Device list’). Our team will keep you updated directly by email.

Choose from already known vendors and models

When entering a vendor or model, you will see suggestions showing already known vendors, models, etc. Please choose the preferred or feel free to add what’s missing.

Devices created by a user will be searchable within your organization for you and your colleagues to use.


Your added items and the power consumption you have entered will be used in the report despite not being validated. We recommend entering an estimated power consumption and wait for it to be approved/validated by The Rejoose support team.

If your report includes non-validated devices, this will show on the front page of the report as illustrated in the following. Rejoose always encourages you to get your devices validated.

Report – based on non-validated devices

Report – based on validated device

After adding the current installation, it’s time to put together the new solution.

Same procedure as above.

Finally, you need to define capacities for the solution (total amount):

  • Servers, GB RAMStorage,
  • TB Usable Data capacity
  • Network, Gbps bandwidth (Switching capacities)

These are needed to generate the ‘EnergyWheel’ and specify the Energy efficiency for the entire solutions.