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Base Load IT

If you don’t have the information about devices in a current installation, you can instead enter a power consumption load, for each of the areas: Server, storage, network, and UPS.

Search: Base Load

Note: in the 4 categories power consumptions are divided in:

  1. 1000watt (1kW)
  2. 100watt (0,1kW)

Icons illustrate the category of either server, storage, network, and UPS.

It’s recommended to enter values for each category, but it is possible for initial estimates, to enter the entire data center power consumption in one category.

Note: If you enter an entire datacenter under the category UPS the report shows an additional UPS power consumption which represents the entire Datacenter power usage.

If you have knowledge of the total IT power consumptions in Watt / kW, but are missing the specific division, we recommend you +split consumption as below:

  • Server  60%
  • Storage 25%
  • Network 15%

Example: You have a total power consumption of 40kW (40.000watt) then the split would be:

  • Server 24kW  
  • Storage 10kW
  • Network 6kW

Now you can enter information about the new installation. Its recommended to enter the actual devices, but you are free to enter Base load or a market reference for the new installation.

If you end up with a split on power consumption, with decimals like below:

  • Server 23,5kW           
  • Storage 9,5kW
  • Network 5,5kW

You will need to use the 100watt Base load units as well as the 1000watt units as the following.

As we are only working with estimates (% split suggestion) round up or down to fit with 1kW base load units.

Otherwise use only 100watt units to match the needed consumption. Example: 235*100watt = 23,5kW