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How to use ‘reference installations’

First, you enter a reference standard for each device category – ex. Servers, storage, network and add capacity equal to device quantity (Example 23 quantity A+ rating storage add 23 TB in capacity).

When comparing with a reference standard, you search for ‘Reference 2019’ and you will see a list showing:

  • X reference 2019, Energy Efficiency Y-Rating

Where X is the category: server, storage, network, and Y is the rating you want to use to compare to, ranging from A++ (best) to D (worst).

If you have a new/current installation containing servers and storage devices – you add these devices to ‘Future solution’ (as described in solution vs. solution section) and then on the ‘Current solution’ you add the desired reference installation pr. category, in this example:

  • Storage reference 2019, Energy Efficiency C-Rating.
  • Note: We recommend comparing a solution with the same effective capacity (in this example 23 TB).