Rejoose system integration

With Rejoose System Integration, we have created a way to turn IT hardware- and services customers demand for climate data, into profitable new business for the supplier.

By creating an intelligent engine to integrate carbon emission data directly into our customers ERP Systems. By automating the delivery of carbon emission data, with every single order,  your costumers benefit, greatly exceeds the cost of using Rejoose System integration.

Some of the challenges an IT supplier faces and Rejoose solves, is:

  • Customers who purchase IT hardware and cloud services, will demand that their suppliers deliver valid carbon emission data, that comply with legislative reporting demands.
  • Most resellers of IT hardware and cloud services fear an increase in cost, due to these new customer demands and will have to find a way to deliver.
  • The fear of losing customers is very well justified, a poll shows that 60% of Fortune 500 companies will only suppliers who can deliver climate data with every order.

It is with a recognition of these facts, that we have created Rejoose System Integration. We are turning the table.

So… instead of staring into a mountain of additional climate data work -> Rejoose System Integration, will deliver on the following:

  • Enables resellers of IT Hardware and cloud services, to instantly deliver ‘best in class’ valid climate data
  • Gives you ‘ease of mind’, as you deliver the highest quality of data to your customers with -> no fear of any legal consequence by using an unbiased 3rd party expert
  • Rejoose System Integration turns your expected cost increase, into an unexpected profit increase

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What you need to know about Rejoose

Rejoose is the perfect tool to assist you with environmental and energy efficiency documentation within the ICT sector. For those whose attention is focused on environmental progress and reducing operational impacts, Rejoose narrows down comprehensive analyses to specific key numbers and results.

Get access to a massive verified database including all from end-user IT devices to large enterprise data center installations. Calculate specific parts of an installation or the entire data center and include UPS and cooling loads based on ‘The Green Grid – Data center Maturity model (DCMM).

A Rejoose calculation gives you results that harmonize with the EU’s focus on optimizations that promotes energy efficiency before energy reduction. The ICT sector is growing fast, and energy is in demand within this field. Therefor energy efficiency is set to be a very important factor in the future of the ICT sector.

Rejoose includes our patented EnergyWheel™. This gives unique opportunity to simply showcase Energy ratings(A-G), energy efficiency, energy reductions and CO2 divided by category on one table!

Customize your subscription with personal project descriptions, company logo, specific devices and power consumptions etc. and decide whether you want showcase with an estimate report or a comprehensive report including all appendix.

Our team is always ready to assist you! Within opening hours, you can contact our support directly via online chat or by phone within business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 – 16:00 CET. Otherwise you can at any time submit a ticket in app or send us an email, and we will get back to you asap!

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