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Large or Small, Public or Private, Customer or Supplier.


We Are the Only Universal Data Center Energy Efficiency Ratings Provider

Rejoose delivers market leading ICT Energy Efficiency documentation for companies and institutions. Become a Rejoose user and show your customers or your organization the energy consequences from improving or updating your ICT platform. If you are an ICT reseller Rejoose makes it possible to deliver both hardware and documentation of related economic- and environmental savings.

Become a Rejoose user and make environmental consciousness a part of your business!

Why Rejoose?

Improve efficiency and drive your impact

Energy Efficiency is a very effective way to illustrate both operational savings AND improve sustainability due to reduced energy consumption.

Save time!

Say goodbye to troublesome spreadsheet and time-consuming searches for power usage data. Rejoose does it all!

Unbiased - Ready to use and share

Rejoose is unbiased – in every measurement and calculation. Enter your facts and you receive a validated report to use for decisions and showcase.



What you get


  • Rejoose is an award-winning platform for generating unbiased and validated energy efficiency reports for ICT installations.
    • Data Center IT – Servers, storage, network, UPS and Cooling etc.
    • Workplace IT – printers, PCs, notebooks, monitors, TVs etc.


  • Rejoose will instantly show you which areas are most efficient, and which are not. Your progress on sustainability and energy efficient and which operational saving can be expected
    • Reporting “Currencies are”. CO2, kWh and $ – you prioritize the value of each


  • Rejoose is an intuitive and easy to use platform for scoping and document ICT energy optimization projects and generating reports for procurement and decisions makers
    • Due to the Rejoose calculation methods, benchmark systems and algorithms, and power consumptions measurement from all IT vendors – you will receive ‘best in class’ reports


  • Its all done in a few easy steps
    • Start a “project” – Prepare and describe
    • Add your installation(s) – Search and choose from thousands of devices and ‘build’ you installations.
    • Compare with – market averages, specific new installations, power use estimates, Cloud services like Microsoft Azure – all is possible and easy.
    • Generate reports, diplomas and share and showcase your efforts.





  • Rejoose is the perfect tool to assist you with environmental and energy efficiency documentation within the ICT sector. For those whose attention is focused on environmental progress and reducing operational impacts, Rejoose narrows down comprehensive analyses to specific key numbers and results.


  • Get access to a massive verified database including end-user IT devices and large enterprise data center installations. Calculate specific parts of an installation or the entire data center and include UPS and cooling loads based on ‘The Green Grid – Data center Maturity model (DCMM).


  • A Rejoose report provides documentation that harmonize with the EU’s focus on energy efficiency which results in long term energy reductions. The ICT sector is growing fast, and energy is in demand within this field. Therefor energy efficiency is set to be a very important factor in the future of the ICT sector.


  • Rejoose includes our patented Energy Efficiency Rating model – EnergyWheel®. This is a unique opportunity to intuitively benchmark Energy Efficiency Ratings (A-G scale), energy reductions and CO2 by category all in one simple overview.


  • With a premium subscription, you can customize your reports with personal project descriptions, your company logo, choose from a range of front pages and color designs, and decide whether you want a compact report or a detailed comprehensive report. You can even generate an Acknowledgment Diploma for your most efficient projects.


  • Our team is always ready to assist you. We strive to provide the best support service you have ever experienced.