Rejoose Visualization and Collaboration

This is our online Rejoose hands-on tool’ – which gets your company ‘up and running’ and delivering carbon emission data to your customers, today!

It’s only your imagination that defines the limit of how your business can re-think it’s take sustainability. How can you support and help your customers, with their journey towards zero carbon emission?

Your customers will come to you with questions like:

  • What is the carbon emission of this new solution vs. my current installation?
  • Is it energy efficient? And how do you measure it?
  • What are the expected reduction in kgCO2eq and kWh?
  • And so on…

Answers to all these questions, and many more, can clarified within minutes in the Rejoose Visualization and Collaboration tool.

Some of the benefits and functions of ‘Rejoose hands-on tool’ aka Rejoose Visualization and Collaboration…

  • 1. Enables suppliers to answer to customer demands for carbon emission information on IT solutions, and turning that demand in into billable services
  • 2. Greatly reduces the workload from required environmental reporting on ICT installations and investments
  • 3. Always updated to match legal requirements and creates auditable content for carbon emission reporting
  • 4. Provides an easy-to-use platform to simulate and document climate consequence of IT hardware and services
  • 5. Dialog and business case tool to benefit customer retention
  • 6. Do initial reports and analyses to win new business
  • 7. Offers the possibility to do pre-investment simulations on environmental and energy efficiency benefits
  • 8. Calculate environmental benefits from pre-owned IT hardware
  • 9. Share- and collaborate on projects and reports with collogues
  • 10. And much more…

The short version, of an otherwise long story.

Sustainability is the biggest challenge of our time, and therefore also the biggest business opportunity of the decade.