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E/tool pricing

Our web-based platform that revolutionizes carbon emission and energy efficiency simulations for both existing and new IT solutions.

With just a few manual inputs in E/tool, you can quickly generate comprehensive reports to ensure ESG compliance, measure sustainability performance, and identify areas for improvement. Within minutes, you’ll have valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.


  • No limitations on amount of reports or projects.
  • Possible discount for 1 year pre-payment.
  • On-boarding and training via online courses.


Users are typically: Pre-sales or back office personnel.

  • For single user access or fast access, use this link ‘sign-up’ or go to the upper right hand corner.
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Go to E/tool pricing page, for in depth pricing info.


Please contact us for more information.

E/connect pricing

Our API-based automated tool. E/connect, opens the door to streamlined sustainability management. All transactions are automatically collected for automated reporting.

By granting access to the automated version of E/voice, it effortlessly captures carbon data for each of your company’s invoices, as well as introducing Carbon data for websites and similar services via E/product.


  • Pricing is per transaction of Carbon data.
  • Typically per E/voice generated and carbon data is successfully delivered.
  • With an increasing discount based on yearly transactions.


All data is aggregated in E/insights for automated reporting.

Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities is what E/insights deliver. All data collected from our suite of solutions can be aggregated and presented in easy-to-understand compliance reports, enabling you to stay on top of your sustainability goals.


Go to E/connect pricing page, for in depth pricing info.


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