Yes, UPS and Cooling classifications is based on indexes prepared by The Green Grid who, in collaboration with Ashrae, have developed a model called the "Data center maturity model".

You can always add your own items/devices and make them usable in your personal projects. Note that you can apply to get your items validated. If all items used in a project has been validated the entire report will get the status ‘Verified’. None of your personal items will be available or visible for others outside your organization.

To add your own items/devices follow 3. Calculations > click Create/Inquire missing device. Fill out all detailes and click save.

Rejoose gives you results within operational costs, environmental impacts and energy efficiency.

Send an email to Rejoose sales with your details, to get your projects verified by 3. Part. As soon your projects get verified you will receive your rating certificate by email.

You can always find an updated Rejoose guideline on our website

Yes, any admin can add and change the company logo. To do so follow Partner Admin > Account information click ‘Choose a file’ and save the preferred file.

You can share, review and add comments to each other’s projects if you’re a part of the same subscription (Note: its only possible to review and comment on your project if you shared it with specific users from your organization)

Go to your specific Rejoose project. Go to 2. Project details change to your preferred currency and click Save.

Vital initiatives, such as the EU Code of Conduct on Energy Efficiency on Data Centres and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, have arisen in response to current climate challenges. These ‘best practice guidelines’ are widely expected to become the basis for an upcoming European law on ensuring improvements to energy efficiency in buildings, industry and the ICT sector, including data centres. Our comprehensive report underpins the energy-saving initiatives introduced by the EU to create the best possible basis for making decisions on new investments.

Implementation of energy efficiency measures is a crucial parameter and is a more long-term solution than mere energy savings. In the future, the EU will measure companies by their energy efficiency, and may even require them to be more energy-efficient than the market standard. Energy efficiency is an expression of how efficiently absorbed energy is used.

Rejoose have created the patented EnergyWheel to showcase, rate and compare hardware, solutions and entire data centers. The methodology of the EnergyWheel derives from the well-known G –A++ scale as seen in the European Union Energy Label Scheme. The EnergyWheel does not only rate but it also illustrates with its unique circular architecture how energy consuming each categorized area is shown with angle widths and numeral values. Each individual circle represents the ratings G through A and are affiliated with a representative color which is filled correspondingly to achieved ratings.

Yes, Rejoose is compatible with tablet and mobile browsers, but note that its optimized for use in chrome.

No, Rejoose is a browser-based SaaS.

Rejoose is optimized for use in Chrome