Getting Started

Introducing Rejoose basics

With Rejoose you’re able to review and showcase the environmental impacts and operational costs in any end-user IT or Data Center installation/optimization.

We are constantly increasing our database and seeks to add whatever IT device you need to complete your calculations and bring quality to your case. The Rejoose database now includes thousands of verified power consumptions in different categories such as servers, storage controllers, enclosures, disks, network, end user it etc

Rejoose is in development! We are following the IT industry closely and does everything in our power to keep our users up to date with the newest devices, items, key figures etc., so if you have inputs for improvement, please let us know!

Differentiate your project with the Energy Wheel! Rejoose includes our patented Energy Wheel, which gives unique opportunity to rate data center installations on an A-G scale without compromising.

Need help?

You can always find answer to your questions in our Rejoose Guide. However, we do believe that our users can help us become better, so don’t hold back on contacting our support team.

Rejoose support options

Our team is always ready to assist you! Within opening hours, you can contact our support directly via online chat or by phone within business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 – 16:00 CET. Otherwise you can at any time submit a ticket in app or send us an email, and we will get back to you asap!

Tips to become a superuser

  • Prepare and implement your custom devices/items and apply to get them validated. This way you will work more efficient without compromising in the heat of the moment.
  • Share knowledge and collaborate on projects with your colleagues.
  • Prepare personalized project descriptions to complement your Rejoose projects.
  • Use the Rejoose reference installations (A-D rated installations) to benchmark your installation.
  • Create estimation reports within minutes by using Rejoose baseloads and showcase potential environmental results from any data center acquisition.
  • Focus on Energy Efficiency and let stakeholders know the importance of this element of a datacenter optimization.