Rejoose E/suite™

Where sustainability meets innovation. Carbon data automation, monitoring and reporting.

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We offer a suite of cutting-edge products designed to empower businesses in their journey towards carbon emission reduction, energy efficiency, and ESG compliance.

Let us introduce you to our remarkable suite of solutions.

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Rejoose E/tool™: web-based carbon reporting platform.

Revolutionizes carbon emission and energy efficiency simulations for both existing and new IT solutions. With just a few manual inputs, you can quickly generate comprehensive reports to ensure ESG compliance, measure sustainability performance, and identify areas for improvement. Valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.

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Rejoose E/connect™ API-based automated carbon data

E/connect, opens the door to streamlined sustainability management. By granting access to the automated version of E/voice and E/product, it effortlessly captures carbon data for each of your company’s invoices.

Provides access to E/voice™ and E/product™

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Rejoose E/insights™: monitoring and tracking sustainability progress.

We provide the powerful analytics and reporting capabilities of E/insights. All data collected from our suite of solutions can be aggregated and presented in easy-to-understand compliance reports, enabling you to stay on top of your sustainability goals and demonstrate your commitment to a greener future.

E/Suite connection overview.

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The E/suite solutions work together, and delivers carbon data for all needed stages of your decision, pruchase and reporting process.

  • Prepare (before): The E/tool provides the ability to simulate the outcome of any given IT solution. Compare the current baseline vs. one or multiple new solutions and decide which is best, considering both environment and economy.
  • Decide (during): Combine the findings from E/tool and recieve carbon data from E/product on the needed devices/services.
  • Report (after): The E/voice delivers carbon data alongside the financial invoice. There’s a traceable connection between your investment and the carbon emission impact. All data is gathered in the E/insights portal, so monitoring, tracking and reporting is easy and auditable.