Data Quality and Transparency

is the very foundation of Rejoose

We take pride in providing high-quality carbon and energy data with transparency, ensuring trustworthy information for sustainable decision-making

Data collection

We collect Carbon- and energy data from hundreds of sources, automated and manually, and been doing so for many years.

Data refinement

The data refinement is ever ongoing and to ensure future compliance as well,  we increase the amount of data each day.

Country and company specific

Data send to each customer is unique – it’s put together to match your usage, in your country and matching your compliance needs
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Data standardization

All data is de-fragmented and standardized, so it can be put back together and delivered as localized and compliant carbon data.

Data compliance

We can piece together the refined data, to be compliant to GHG and ISO standards needed for reporting.

Auditable and compliant reporting

Ensuring easy audits by delivering carbon data with each financial transaction and also the needed documentation and white papers.
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As you can see above – GWP for 1 single server is very different depending on the country/location of use.

But no worries, we handle all this.

Country specific data is needed!

If you think the carbon emission from products are “the same” world wide, you’re very wrong. Due to the energy consumption, transportation and End-of-life handling, you can have a lifetime GWP being a factor 10 different from best to worst.

This is why you need carbon data which is specific for your customers and your company. Data that’s based on your way of using IT, in the countries your based in and compliant with your needed standards.

Our Carbon data is Company specific as we base data on

  • your product life cycle for each IT category
  • your location and use country
  • your usage scenarios eg. 9am to 5pm or 24/7 operations


Documentation is needed!

We agree – and we also deliver all the documentation you need to comply and to report. By having access to E/insights you can always track and monitor progression as well as generate needed data and reports.

Data can be delivered on ‘Group level’ and on ‘Company level’, or both. So if you’re a global company with many locations and and many stakeholders, then we have the right solution.

Our Carbon data can be delivered as raw data or reports

  • to your group level organisation and to each individual company
  • across all countries and suppliers
  • according to the needed local compliance needs
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