Rejoose E/product™

Generating carbon emission data specifically tailored to products showcased on webshops

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The ultimate solution for generating carbon emission data specifically tailored to products showcased on webshops and similar platforms.

Our innovative tool is designed to empower sustainable decision-making in the buying process, revolutionizing how businesses and consumers understand the environmental impact of their purchases.

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E/product™ intro

With the E/product, a supplier receives country specific carbon data, for each of their products and services. This data enables the customer to use carbon emission as a decision parameter and the supplier can support their customers need for data.

Combined with the E/voice which is ‘next level’, with even more detailed data, this is clearly ahead of the curve, enables both reporting and climate conscious purchasing decisions.

Rejoose E/product

Empowers businesses to make sustainable decisions in the buying process. By providing comprehensive carbon emission data for products showcased on webshops and similar platforms, E/product enhances transparency, fosters eco-conscious consumer choices, and drives positive environmental impact.

  • Eco-Friendly Purchasing: E/product enables consumers to make informed, sustainable choices by offering detailed carbon emission data for each product. By integrating this data into your webshop, you empower customers to prioritize eco-friendly purchases, promoting a greener and more responsible consumer culture.
  • Environmental Impact Awareness: With E/product, businesses gain valuable insights into the carbon footprint associated with their product offerings. By understanding the environmental impact of each item, you can make informed decisions about sourcing, production, and supply chain management, driving continuous improvement in sustainability practices.
  • Differentiation and Brand Reputation: Showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability and gain a competitive edge. By transparently displaying carbon emission data for your products, you establish trust and credibility with environmentally conscious consumers who value brands that prioritize environmental responsibility.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: E/product provides businesses with actionable data and analytics to drive sustainable decision-making. By analyzing the carbon emission data collected, you can identify opportunities to optimize processes, reduce emissions, and make more sustainable choices throughout the product lifecycle.

Rejoose E/product revolutionizes the buying process by providing comprehensive carbon emission data for products on webshops and similar platforms. By integrating sustainability information into the decision-making process, businesses can promote eco-conscious consumer choices, enhance brand reputation, and drive positive environmental impact.

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