Rejoose E/Tool™

Our web-based carbon reporting and simulation platform

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E/tool, revolutionizes carbon emission and energy efficiency reporting and simulations for both existing and new IT solutions.

With just a few manual inputs, you can quickly generate comprehensive reports, measure sustainability performance, and identify areas for improvement. Within minutes, you’ll have valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.

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With E/tool you have access to an online collaboration platform, where supplier , customer and advisor, can work together to form energy efficiency and carbon emission reports.

In the E/tool you can easily simulate the outcome of future investments and planned optimization projects. The focus is kWh and kg CO2, as well as financial saving coming from optimized solutions.

Compare current baseline with 3 new solutions and get your report i numerous languages and currencies.

Rejoose E/tool™

Our online IT Carbon Emission Baseline Tool that helps your company easily and quickly deliver carbon emission data to your customers. With this tool, the possibilities are endless for rethinking your business’s sustainability efforts and supporting your customers’ journeys toward zero carbon emissions.

Your customers may have questions about the carbon emissions of their IT solutions, their energy efficiency, expected reductions in kgCO2eq and kWh, and more. The Rejoose Visualization and Collaboration tool provides quick answers to all these questions and more in just a few minutes.

  • Meet Customer Demands: The platform enables suppliers to meet customer demands for carbon emission information on IT solutions. It helps turn this demand into billable services, increasing revenue streams and improving customer retention.
  • Simplify Environmental Reporting: Rejoose greatly reduces the workload required for environmental reporting on ICT installations and investments. This not only saves time and resources but also minimizes the risk of compliance failures.
  • Stay Compliant and Audit-Ready: The platform is always updated to match legal requirements, creating auditable content for carbon emission reporting. This helps suppliers stay ahead of compliance regulations and ensures they are always audit-ready.
  • Streamline Sustainability Efforts: Rejoose provides an easy-to-use platform to simulate and document the climate consequences of IT hardware and services. It offers the possibility to do pre-investment simulations on environmental and energy efficiency benefits, calculates environmental benefits from pre-owned IT hardware, and allows colleagues to share and collaborate on projects and reports.

By using the Rejoose Visualization and Collaboration tool, you can easily collaborate with your customers to make baseline reporting even smoother and easier, easing compliance and EU reporting efforts. This tool helps you stay up to date with legal requirements, creates auditable content for carbon emission reporting, and provides a user-friendly platform to simulate and document the climate consequences of IT hardware and services. Start taking advantage of this decade’s biggest business opportunity by adopting this tool today.

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1. Start a ‘project’ and add project information, and invite colleagues to collaborate with.

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2. Define solutions and add devices, products and services to your report.

3. Choose report type: Baseline, LCA – Life Cycle assessment, Refurbishment/ITAD, Energy efficiency etc.

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4. Generate reports, in different languages and currencies –  and share with colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

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Some of the benefits and functions of Rejoose E/tool:

  • 1. Enables suppliers to deliver on customer demands for carbon emissions data
  • 2. Greatly reduces the workload from required carbon reporting on ICT investments
  • 3. Always updated to match legal requirements, and creates auditable content
  • 4. Provides an easy-to-use platform to simulate and document climate consequence of IT hardware and services
  • 5. Dialog and business case tool to benefit supplier and customer collaboration
  • 6. Deliver carbon reports and data to differentiate yourself
  • 7. Offers the possibility to do pre-investment simulations on environmental and energy efficiency benefits
  • 8. Calculate environmental benefits from refurbishment of IT hardware (ITAD)
  • 9. Share- and collaborate on projects and reports with colleagues and advisors
  • 10. Supports many languages on both reports and User interface...
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