Use case scenarios

Get to know the how and the why, from other customers use case scenarios.

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We offer a suite of cutting-edge products designed to empower businesses in their journey towards carbon emission reduction, energy efficiency, and ESG compliance.

And this is how they’re actually used.

Financial transactions and Carbon transactions

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Carbon data on invoice level

To ensure traceability and transparency, we need to let the carbon data follow the financial transaction. Your supplier will deliver the products and services, and also the needed carbon data for reporting.

With our solutions, you as end-customer will receive both Scope 2 and 3 emissions, and the supplier will receive their needed data from customer use phase emissions.

Data is collected for reporting in E/insights, so you can get a consolidated overview of data and download data for further BI and reporting.

Use case scenarios
by supplier segment

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IT supplier & Solution provider
delivering IT solutions and products

As an IT supplier, you can deliver on customer demands for carbon data. We integrate data directly into your ERP on product and services level, and you deliver this data to your customers. New sustainable business…

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Refurbishment & ITAD partner
taking back or delivering pre-owned IT

As a refurbishment partner, you can deliver reports showing climate benefits to customers sending equipment for refurbishment and to customers buying the pre-owned hardware.

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Datacenter Service provider
delivering hosting, cloud and colo services

As a Datacenter service provider, its often about efficiency and compliance. With our solutions, you can define carbon metrics for customer reporting or be EU Code of Conduct on data center energy efficiency participant.

Use case scenarios
by end-customer segment

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Sustainability conscious company
needing carbon data for reporting

Everything start with knowing where you are today and what will make the difference. And for that you need data, it’s the same with you IT carbon emissions. We deliver the needed data through your suppliers…

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Financial or insurance company
aiming for EU taxonomy compliance

Due to the EU Taxonomy regulations and the CSRD, all the EU financial institutions and major companies are heavily burdened with reporting demands. We simplify and automate this on the entire IT segment…

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Looking for carbon data
need 'easy' access to compliant carbon data

It all begins and end with data. With the right data, and the right solutions. Look to our E/suite and see which of our solutions that fits your needs. Manual or Automated? Proactive simulations or Reactive reporting?