Power your

customer engagement with Sustainability

Differentiate, Delight, and Drive sustainability

as a key part of supplying IT products, solutions and services

Carbon baseline Assessments

Choose to offer carbon footprint calculation services, helping customers measure the environmental impact of their current or new IT infrastructure.

Automated Carbon Data

Whenever you send a quote or deliver a solution – you can deliver compliant Carbon data to your customers. Always updated.

'Sustainable New Bizz'

IT suppliers embracing sustainability are unlocking new business opportunities, gaining a competitive edge in the market’s eco-conscious landscape.
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Energy Efficiency Calculations

You can provide Energy efficiency benchmarking services, supporting customers with documentation of their current or new IT infrastructure efficiency.

kg CO2 on your Webshop

Promote sustainable decisions, by showing kg CO2eq on your Webshops and similar services. Automated and compliant.

Be the 'Chosen one'

In today’s global business landscape, companies prioritize IT suppliers who offer sustainability services as the key to being the ‘Chosen one’.     So don’t wait.
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Get started as an IT supplier

Automated, manual or both

It’s not difficult at all, we have supported many others through the same considerations as you probably have.

The E/suite have solutions which can have you up-and-running with an hour. As well as the more automated solutions which can take some time to implement.


Easy start:

Our E/tool is what many start out with. With this platform, you and your collegueas can get started today, and deliver Carbon emission and energy efficiency reports to all your customers.


Next step:

Would be to discuss automating the entire proces of delivering carbon data for scope 2 and scope 3 to all relevant customers. Rejoose delivers the data to your ERP system for each ‘transaction’ (Typically the invoice) and you deliver the data to your customer. The data is supplied as a PDF, a PDF string or as Raw data for integration into your own ‘climate invoice’.

As the above 2 solutions has good synergies with customer demands, most of our customers use both.

Suggested proces

Supporting your customers on their sustainability journey is not only a strategic business decision but also an urgent one that cannot be delayed. Recognizing the importance of sustainability and taking proactive steps to assist your customers in their sustainability goals is crucial for both their success and the long-term viability of your business.


1.  Ask your customers, and find out what they think of you delivering carbon data and energy efficiency information as a service.

2. Setup a presentation and demo meeting. Ask us all the questions you need, and we deliver the needed answers and documentation.

3. Decide which solutions to start with. You can even deliver a few ‘sample’ reports to your customers and ask them.

4. Get access to E/tool, start out ‘low’ and try it out. The data in E/tool is the same as with E/connect, it’s just more manual.

5. Or go automated and let’s setup E/connect and automated carbon data. Find a few selected your customers, and start with them.

Don’t hesitate to find out more.                                                                            Reach out now.

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