It's the right thing to do

And because we’re obligated by nature, market, law and stakeholders.

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Why today


Start the journey to stay ahead

As the world moves towards a net zero economy, there is a growing demand for carbon disclosures from banks, investors, and consumers alike. To ensure compliance and maintain brand equity, it is crucial to proactively manage emissions. However, this can only be achieved with accurate emissions data, which can be difficult to obtain. By utilizing audit-ready tools and integrating data, businesses can effectively manage their emissions and mitigate the risk of compliance failures while saving operational costs.


Without data, no proactive decision-making

Without accurate emissions data, it’s impossible to make informed decisions about future investments in sustainability. The world is transitioning to a net zero economy, and companies must proactively manage their emissions to comply with regulations, reduce operational costs, and increase brand equity. However, this work requires a strong foundation of reliable data. Without it, companies risk compliance failures and reputational damage, and cannot effectively plan for the future. The use of audit-ready carbon reporting tools like Rejoose can help address this challenge by providing accurate emissions data and integrating it into decision-making processes.


Be a beacon and Take lead

Taking the lead in sustainability and being a beacon for customers, employees, and stakeholders is not only the right thing to do for the climate, but also beneficial for the company. By proactively managing emissions and staying ahead of compliance regulations, a company can save operational costs and increase brand equity. It’s important to remember that accurate emissions data is hard to find, and without it, it’s impossible to make informed decisions about the future. By using tools like Rejoose’s carbon reporting tools , a company can easily collect IT related emission data and simulate the future, predicting the outcomes of investments before they’re made.

Why Rejoose


Transparency and documentation

Introducing Rejoose’s Carbon Emissions Calculation Methodology, a transparent and reliable solution for businesses seeking to calculate their carbon footprint. Our methodology is informed by leading climate experts and aligned with international standards, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and bolstered with extensive emissions factors and industry data.

With our robust and flexible technology infrastructure, our carbon calculations are exceptionally reliable, and every step of the process is easily traced and auditable.

Our methodology is designed to seamlessly integrate with your data, making carbon reporting and compliance much easier and automated. By utilizing Rejoose’s methodology, businesses can confidently calculate their carbon emissions, reduce their environmental impact, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Compliance and reporting

Rejoose’s carbon emission reporting tool is designed with easy reporting and automation in mind. Our tool seamlessly integrates with your data sources, making it effortless to report your carbon emissions accurately and comply with regulations. Our tool is aligned with the Green House Gas Protocol, providing transparency and auditability of your calculations.

With Rejoose, you can not only track your current carbon emissions but also simulate the future and predict the outcome of investments before they’re made. Our tool’s advanced features allow you to set targets and track your progress towards net zero emissions. You can also engage stakeholders by exporting your carbon data for standard frameworks.

With data integration and simulation capabilities, Rejoose makes carbon reporting easy and empowers you to make informed decisions to reduce your carbon footprint.