Become an environmentally conscious front runner by boosting your tenders with a report created with ease in the intelligent web app from Rejoose. No more Individual server power calculators. document data center energy consumption and data center environmental impact.


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The Rejoose Supplier platform

Is intended for suppliers

Is intended for suppliers and advisors

who sells IT solutions.


The Rejoose Buyer platform


Is intended for companies who wants to evaluate and monitor ESG parameters both internally and before choosing the next solution.

Report Acquisition

Let our advisors do the work?

Send us some information on what you

want to visualize and report, and we

can provide you with an offer for a customized report and certification

Easily document data center energy efficiency and ICT environmental impact

  • Hardware replacements and consolidations
  • Migrating on-premise to cloud
  • End-user IT replacements
  • Cooling and UPS installations
  • Data center energy consumption

Choose from our database of already validates devices or add your own and request validation

  • Search among thousands of devices
  • Apply specific devices
  • Get your devices verified by 3rd part
  • Get Energy Star device confirmation
  • ErP Lot9 EU Regulation 2019/424 compliance

Data center energy efficiency reports from Rejoose are used by more than 80% of Danish municipalities and more than 50% of the top 500 Danish companies.

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Benchmark by EnergyWheel

How efficient are you? EnergyWheel can with a unique visualization categorize the data center energy efficiency of your current and future installations.
This is done using the well known A-G scale innovated to rate your overall installation.